Gain Financial Freedom Through Crypto

Without the overwhelm, uncertainty, fear or doubt...

Position yourself for life changing wealth while making life long friends.

Hey There Crypto

So you want to learn how to build extra income and even wealth with crypto!

Well, I found out the hard way that most crypto traders lose 90% of their portfolio within their first 6 months of trading. Mostly because they never took time to learn proper technical analysis or emotional mindset management. The money they didn't invest in themselves at the start was lost in losing trades and crypto investing because they thought they knew what they were doing, but did not.

It wasn't until I took a crypto trading course to learn how to transition my experience working in the stockmarket into the crypto space, that things turned around for me. Now I am able to live my ideal lifestyle off of crypto profits.

I discovered the secret to success is the combination of mentorship, good strategies, consistently advancing your technical analysis skills and removing your emotional triggers that contribute to you placing losing trades and good dose of astrology and metaphysics to give you the extra edge in the market.

A winning combination of these principles is the core of the Nimble Ninjas Trading & Investing System you will learn in your Crypto Ninjas membership. Unlike many other trading courses and programs out there, this membership involves 4 live calls on zoom with a small group of enthusiasts receiving ongoing mentoring and training. Together everyone achieves more and has more fun along the way. 

Technical Analysis

Master the science and psychology behind price action and how to read the charts so you can become profitable in your trading and investing strategies.

Emotional Fitness

Master your emotions and triggers  - develop a winning positive mindset - rewire your brain for success, wealth and abundance - clear blocks to abundance.

Success Strategies

Master repeatable success strategies for both investing and trading so you create a funnel that keeps growing your profit and growing your portfolio without new capital.

Metaphysical Mastery

Master the use of The Law of Attraction, Astrology, Metaphysics to develop the extra edge and better instincts with your trading strategies.

Gain Confidence In Classical Technical Analysis & How It Can Behave Differently In The Crypto Market From Other Markets In The Following Areas....

Become A Crypto Ninja Today

Avoid the many mistakes, scams and pitfalls most people new to the crypto space make by being in a community of beginner and experienced traders helping each other on the journey. Gain valuable up to the minute information you need to make sound decisions when dealing with bitcoin, altcoins, defii, decentralized v centralized platforms, regulations and taxes.

Included In Your Membership

  1. The Complete Crypto Trading & Investing Training (Beginner to Advanced)
  2. 3 Group Mentoring & Market Watch Sessions Per Month 
  3. 1 Group Clearing and Mindset session to remove blocks on money, self sabotage, crypto, success, wealth & abundance to remove resistance to crypto wealth while building your capacity make what you want.
  4. Daily Technical Analysis & Potential Trade Set Ups in a private Discord group.
  5. Alerts, Warnings, Heads Up Notifications on What's App Group.
  6. Our spreadsheet of to top 1000+ cryptos price potential and comparison.
  7. Templates for goal setting, strategies, action plans and daily routines.


Pay As You Go

Per Month

  • Monthly Access To Training Course
  • 4 Live Calls Per Month
  • Private Discord & What's App Group
  • PLUS Altcoin Comparison Spreadsheet, Templates & Helpful Planning Resources
  • PLEASE NOTE: Monthly membership has a lesson drip schedule over the year. You get access to new lessons each month of your membership


Best Price For Optimum Results

1 Year

  • Includes everything in the bronze
  • Plus $280 in savings
  • BONUS 1 - Get 20% Discounts Of Annual Retreats
  • BONUS 2 - Crypto Masterclass Series With The Masters
  • Lock In Yearly Rate If You Renew


Most Popular Option

1 Year

  • Includes everything in Silver
  • Plus Private Planning & Strategy Session
  • Lock In Yearly Rate If You Renew

Course Curriculum